The witch behind the crafts

Hello! My name is Alysia and I am the creator of these crafts. I am a stay at home mom to two adventurous boys and wife to the most all around supportive husband.

I have always been a creative and have enjoyed dabbling in many art forms. I used to think my habit of craft hopping was a negative thing; that I wasn’t consistent and disciplined enough to just stick to one art form. Now I see it as endless possibilities to express myself, heal and help others to heal through my creations.

I’m a stereotypical Aries with a lot of fire that I have worked on channeling into my creations. Everything I create is made with an intention. A lot of times, just the act of making something can be healing. Making things for myself and others has become a very spiritual practice. My goal is to help others either through the pieces I make or by teaching them to make for themselves.